Mission 8: "Where do you live?"

A lot of times after asking where you're from, people will ask you where you live, especially if you are currently living abroad and might live in the area. Use this pattern to answer the question easily. You can practice speaking by clicking on a character bubble and taking the part of A or B.

A: ¿Dónde vives?
B: Yo vivo en Seattle.
A: ¡Oh ¡fantastico!


dónde - This is the word for "where". You'll recognize it from "¿De dónde eres?" ("Where are you from?"). You'll also see it in the phrase "¿Dónde esta?" ("Where are you?") and later "¿Donde está el baño? ("Where is the bathroom?")

vives // vivo - This is the verb for "live". You add the "s" to ask where someone lives and add the "o" to talk about yourself.

en Seattle en los estados unidos. - When giving your city and country name, say your city name first and put "en" before both.

Phrase Builder

Click on an icon to practice saying the phrase. You don't have to say it perfectly, just make sure that you are mimicking the recording to the best of your ability. Over time your pronunciation will improve.

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¿Dónde vives?

Use this question to ask someone, "Where do you live?"

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Yo vivo en _____ .

Use this pattern to answer the question for yourself. Put your city name in the blank.

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¿De que ciudad eres?

This means "What city are you from?" Sometimes this is a follow up question to "Where are you from?" or a variation of "Where do you live?"

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Soy de Seattle.

This uses the same pattern as "Soy de los Estados Unidos." (i.e. "I'm from ~ "). Use this pattern to answer the question, "¿De que ciudad eres?"

Conversation Simulator

You may not know how to say your city name in Spanish but don't worry too much about it. Just try to pronounce the name of your city clearly, and if it is a well-known place people will probably be able to understand. For your country name, check the previous page, or do a search online for it. "Yo vivo en + (your city) en + (your country)"

¿Dónde vives?

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