Mission 10: "When is your birthday?"

Talking about your birthday is a great way to start a conversation with a girl or guy you like. It may lead to an excuse to ask them out (“Oh really? It’s your birthday? Let’s go out and celebrate!) You can practice speaking by clicking on a character bubble and taking the part of A or B.

A: ¿Cuando es tú cumpleaños?
B: Mi cumpleaños es en Octubre 22. ¿Y tú?
A: Mi cumpleaños es en Abril 21.


Mi cumpleaños // Mi amigo // Mi cerveza - "Mi" translates to "my" so you can use it in order to show that something is yours. In this case, "mi cumpleaños" means "my birthday." As you can see in the example of "¿Cuando es tu cumpleaños?" ("When is your birthday"), the way you say "your" is "tu".

cumpleaños - means, "birthday". It is a really cool word. It is a combination of two words, which can be roughly translated as "to get another year". You may have recognized the word "año" means year.

en Octubre 22 - This sentence is very similar to the way we say it in English with "en" meaning "on" (i.e. "My birthday is on October 22nd.")

Phrase Builder

Click on an icon to hear practice saying the phrase. You don't have to say it perfectly, just make sure that you are mimicking the recording and over time your pronunciation will improve.

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¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?

"When is your birthday?"

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Mi cumpleaños es en ______.

"My birthday is on April 21st." Switch out the month and day here to say your birthday. Check the "Vocab Builder" section below to learn how to say your birthday month. Check the previous lesson to learn to say the number of the day.

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¿De verdad?

"Is it true?" or "Really?". Use this to confirm something someone just said.

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¡Celebremos juntos!

This means, "Let's celebrate together!". "juntos" ("together") is used in many other phrases. For example, "Vamos juntos" ("Let's go together"). If you are a lady speaking to another lady, you say “juntas”, which is the feminine version. In every other case (i.e. man-man; man-woman, etc.), we use “juntos”.

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Feliz Cumpleaños.

This means "Happy Birthday!"

Months of the Year

You'll quickly notice that a lot of the names for the months in Spanish are similar to English. This will make it very easy for you to remember them. How fast can you memorize all the names of the months? Click on an icon to check the pronunciation. Find your birthday month and memorize it!













Conversation Simulator

Practice answering this common question by clicking on the icon and then giving your answer. Remember the pattern for answering is: "Mi cumpleaños es en (month) + (day)."

¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?

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