Mission 6: "What's your name?"

Learn how to introduce yourself to people. You can simulate conversations by clicking on a character bubble and taking the part of A or B.

A: Hola, soy Erick. ¿Cómo te llamas?
B: Me llamo Elliott. Encantado.
A: ¡Mucho gusto!


¿Cómo te llamas? - This is the standard way of asking, "What's your name?" Remember the double "ll" on "llamas" is pronounced like a "y" (as in "yamas"). Another way to ask this question is "¿Cuál es tu nombre?". If someone asks you this way, you can respond the same way as above ("Me llamo ~") or you can say "Mi nombre es ~ " ("My name is ~").

Me llamo _____. - put your name in the blank to introduce yourself. The shorter way of telling someone your name is to use "Soy ______." The difference is slight, kind of like the difference between "My name is Elliott." and "I'm Elliott."

Encantado/Encantada - This phrase literally means “delighted”, but you can think of it like “Pleasure to meet you.”“Mucho gusto” is used by both ladies and men, but “encantada/encatado” is gender-dependent. If you’re a lady, you say, Encatada with an “a”. If you’re a gentleman, you use Encantado with an “o”.

¡Mucho gusto! - This is another way of saying "Nice to meet you". It is used by both ladies and men.

Phrase Builder

Click on an icon to practice these phrases. Try to mimic the accent and intonation in each recording, but don't get too stressed out about saying it perfectly.

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¿Cómo te llamas?

This is the standard way of asking, "What's your name?"

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Me llamo ~

This is the standard way of telling someone your name. It literally means "I call myself ~ "

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¿Cuál es tu nombre?

A variation some people may use. It also means "What's your name?"

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Mi nombre es ~

Literally, "My name is ~ "

Conversation Simulator

Click on the icon below to practice answering the question. Try to answer the question like someone is really asking you. I think the easiest way of answering is this: "Me llamo + (your name)."

¿Cómo te llamas?

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Lesson Quiz

1. How would you tell someone your name is "George" in Spanish?

2. If you're a guy, how would you say "Nice to meet you?"

Question 1 is wrong. Hint: Are you sure the other answers don't all mean pretty much the same thing?

Question 2 is wrong: Hint: Don't you remember the difference between masculine words (those ending in an "o") and feminine words (those ending in an "a")?

Great job! You got both questions right!


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