Mission 1: Learn Some Cool Words

Challenge: you are at a party with some Spanish friends and you want to say some stuff to them in Spanish. What are some easy things you could say to have a little fun? Learn these reaction words so you have some cool things to say to them.

How to use this slider:

1. Click the arrows to flip through the slides.
2. Clicking on the icons will play the recording of the phrase.
3. Try to say each word at least once after the recording. Then go through the slides again and try to say the word before listening to the recording.


In Spanish, everything is "¡Fantastico!" If you're coming to the party, that's "¡Fantastico!" If you're learning Spanish, that's "¡Fantastico!" You can use this word whenever you want to express a high level of excitement about what is happening. You can also say "¡Estoy fantastico!" ("I'm fantastic.") when someone asks you "¿Cómo está?".



Whenever you eat or drink something great that's a good time to use "¡Delicioso!" If you want to say, "This is delicious." You can say, "Esto es delicioso." In some cases you will use the feminine form of this word, "deliciosa", but you don't have to worry too much about that for now.



When ever someone says something perfectly or does something really well you can say "¡Perfecto!" You might also use it when someone is doing something for you and you want to say that it's just right.


¡Muy bien!

This is a really common relply to the greeting, "¿Cómo estás?" but you can use it whenever something is "very well." You might hear people say for example, "Hablas español muy bien." ("You speak Spanish very well.").



This is the word that must be learned in every language. It's what you say at a party when you shout "Cheers!" with your friends. You can use it when you are drinking with people.



Lots of these words sound incredibly similar to their English equivalents and this one especially does. You can use this whenever something is interesting, like a movie, book, game, and so on. It's a good reaction word to use when people are telling you things.



This word means "fun" and it kind of reminds me of "divert" as in to "divert your attention". We often play video games or do other fun things that divert our attention, so it is easy to remember if you think of it this way.


¡Qué pena!

We use this when something bad or disappointing happens, like your friend can't make it to the party or you find out it's going to rain tomorrow. You can think of it like, "Too bad..." or "What a shame..."


Your Turn!

Now that you've learned these words, let's practice using them with a fun game.


1. Match the Spanish word in the picture with the English expression below.
2. Right answers earn you 1 point. Wrong answers make you lose a point.
3. How many points can you get in one minute?

Click on the die to start the game. The timer will start immediately. If you don't get the score that you like the first time, you can alwats play again!

Phrase Builder

Here are three more words that are so useful in conversation. We're adding them as a bonus because they are so good for you to know.

click me!

¿Ah sí?

This is a really simple thing to say to let someone know you're listening to what they're saying. It means "Oh really?" It is especially useful when you don't know what else to say. You can use it over and over again.

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¿Y tú?

So incredibly useful. It means "And you?" or "How about you?" You can use it in conversation to turn questions around and expand the conversation

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¡A mi también!

This means "Me too!" Since language is all about connecting with people and making friends, you can use this phrase to let people know when you feel the same about something.

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